"Got Milk??...I do!"


Mariana, the "Empress of New York," 5'11" and 52-25-52(give or take a couple inches), is Xtreme-Curves' main toon girl. Born in Havana, she gives every man in New York a hard-on with her impossibly curvy body and high octane sexuality. Please note: she has a strong predilection for oral sex, multiple penetrations and extreme cumshots.

But Mariana isn't just featured in Kaf's filthy comics. She is also an occasional "Phat Girl", and can be seen in the online galleries--with or without something in her mouth.







When you become a member, you get to see Kaf's sexual imagination at its wildest and most outrageous in his graphic 'novels'. And the term 'graphic' is quite true, indeed!


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